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Rabu, 23 Julai 2014

Jakarta governor Widodo wins Indonesian election

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Jakarta governor Joko Widodo, who won the hearts of Indonesians with his common man image, won Indonesia's presidential election with 53 percent of the vote, final results from the Election Commission showed Tuesday.

The numbers were released shortly after his opponent, former general Prabowo Subianto, declared he was withdrawing from the contest, saying there was massive fraud during the election and that it was unfair and undemocratic.
Widodo, a former furniture maker known widely as "Jokowi," had maintained a slim lead of about 4 percentage points in unofficial "quick counts" by polling agencies released after the July 9 election.
But Subianto, who has declared assets of $140 million and was on his third bid for the presidency, repeatedly claimed that polling firms with links to his campaign showed he was ahead.
"We reject the 2014 presidential election which is unlawful and therefore we withdraw from the ongoing process," he said.
There were no immediate reports of violence. About 100 Subianto supporters held a peaceful protest about 300 meters (300 yards) from the Election Commission building in downtown Jakarta, chanting "Prabowo is the real president" and holding banners saying that the commission should stop cheating.
The building was surrounded by thousands of policemen to maintain security after a particularly nasty presidential campaign. It was the first election that pitted two candidates directly against each other since the Muslim majority country of 240 million emerged from the long and brutal Suharto dictatorship 16 years ago.
Supporters of both men used social media for personal attacks, and Subianto's supporters led a smear campaign against Widodo, spreading rumors he is not a Muslim.
The commission was to formally declare the winner later Tuesday evening.
Final results showed that Widodo won 70,997,859 votes, or 53.15 percent of the nearly 133 million valid ballots cast, while Subianto won 62,576,444 votes, or 46.85 percent.

Voter turnout was 70.7 percent.

Isnin, 21 Julai 2014

Extraordinary circumstantial evidence

United States Secretary of State John Kerry laid out "extraordinary circumstantial evidence" yesterday that Ukrainian pro-Russian rebels were behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, hit by weapons obtained from Russia.

American intelligence suggests that a sophisticated SA11 missile system was used to bring down flight MH17 on Thursday as it flew at some 10,600m over Ukraine en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Kerry said. A total of 298 people on board were killed in the disaster that has shocked the world.
"It's pretty clear that this is a system that was transferred from Russia in the hands of separatists," Kerry told CNN as he blitzed the Sunday television talk shows.
"We know with confidence, with confidence, that the Ukrainians did not have such a system anywhere near the vicinity at that point in time. So it obviously points a very clear finger at the separatists."
The top US diplomat also slammed "grotesque" scenes at the crash site where he said rebels were hampering the investigation and the proper removal of the bodies.
International monitors said yesterday that pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine had loaded scores of bodies from the crash site into train cars.
The rebels said the bodies would be kept in the refrigerated cars, and that they had to be removed from the crash site because of the heat and fears they would become prey for wild dogs.
World leaders have demanded Russian President Vladimir Putin use his influence to persuade the rebels to hand over the victims and allow international investigators unfettered access to the crash site in eastern Grabove.
US evidence pointed to the involvement of the separatists in Thursday's horrific crash, Kerry, a former prosecutor said, adding Washington had "extraordinary circumstantial evidence" although he stopped short of actually accusing them of firing a missile at the plane.
"We picked up the imagery of this launch. We know the trajectory," he told NBC's "Meet the Press." "We know where it came from. We know the timing."
"And it was exactly at the time that this aircraft disappeared from the radar. We also know, from voice identification, that the separatists were bragging about shooting it down afterwards."
Kerry also told CNN's "State of the Union" that "we know for certain that the separatists have a proficiency that they've gained by training from Russians as to how to use these sophisticated SA11 systems. We know they have the system."
And "within hours of this event, this particular system passed through two towns right in the vicinity of the shootdown."
Kerry added there was also video of an SA11 launcher being trucked back into Russia after the disaster, with "at least one missing missile".
"We need a full access to this site to be able to conduct a thorough investigation," he insisted on CBS's "Face the Nation". – AFP, July 21, 2014.

Putin says ‘all the right things’ to Australia’s Abbott over MH17

Russian President Vladimir Putin said "all the right things" in a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who demanded he back his words with action over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.
The two leaders spoke overnight in their first conversation since the plane, carrying 298 people, crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, apparently shot down by pro-Russian rebels with a surface-to-air missile.
While Abbott would not go into details about what was discussed with Putin, he said the onus was now on Moscow to act.
"He did say all the right things and now he has to be as good as his word," he told Macquarie Radio.
"I am not going to have this conversation and say 'well, that's nice, President Putin said everything will work out fine' and just accept that.
"I am now going to try and ensure, as far as Australia humanely can, we insist upon these things happening."
Abbott has been vocal in his outrage at Russia's perceived lack of cooperation in the investigation into the disaster.
He has branded it "a crime" and accused Moscow of trying to wash its hands of the tragedy, and failing to properly secure the crash site.
Twenty-eight Australian nationals and nine residents were among the 298 people from a dozen countries on board who died.
Abbott's comments follow Australia on Sunday circulating a draft UN Security Council resolution – that could be put to a vote as early as Monday – demanding that pro-Russian separatists provide "full and unfettered access" to the crash site.
Canberra wants a full and impartial investigation, but Abbott said a key difficulty was that there was "no-one in authority in charge on the ground".
Abbott said his priority was to do "the right thing" by the Australian victims and their families by ensuring bodies were treated with respect, the crash site was secured and a thorough investigation undertaken.
"Then of course, we have to punish the guilty," he said.
"We have to do our best to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice."
He said that while there had been some signs of improvement, including Ukrainian government officials gaining access to the site, the situation was still completely unacceptable.
"The site is being treated more like a garden clean-up than a forensic investigation," he said.
"The wreckage has been picked over, it's been trashed, it's been trampled."
Yesterday, pro-Russian militiamen in Ukraine loaded almost 200 bodies from the flight into refrigerated train wagons.
A rebel chief said they were holding the bodies until "the experts arrive".

Australian experts are in Kiev, ready to travel to the crash site, Abbott said. – AFP, July 21, 2014.

Khamis, 3 Julai 2014



TAHUKAH anda kebanyakan pakar nutrisi menganggap buah avokado sebagai makanan sempurna? Ia mempunyai pelbagai kebaikan untuk kesihatan dan juga kecantikan. Walaupun kaya dengan kalori, ia adalah kalori yang padat dengan nutria. Avokado mengandungi lebih 25 nutrisi termasuk vitamin A, B, C, E & K, iron, zat besi, magnesium dan potasium yang berupaya melindungi kita daripada pelbagai penyakit. 

Terdapat pelbagai cara untuk makan buah avokado antaranya adalah dengan memasukkannya dalam salad atau sebagai pengganti daging untuk sandwich. 

Sebelum itu apa kata kita lihat antara kebaikan buah avokado yang baik untuk kesihatan diri. 

Jantung kekal sihat 
Avokado mengandungi vitamin B6 dan asid folik yang membantu mengawal tahap homocysteine. Jika tahap homocysteine tinggi, anda berisiko mendapat penyakit yang berkaitan dengan jantung. Avokado juga mengandungi vitamin E, glutathione dan lemak monotaktepu yang bantu mengekalkan jantung sihat. 

Kolestrol rendah
Avokado kaya dengan bahan dipanggil beta-sitosterol yang telah menunjukkan keberkesanannya dalam merendahkan tahap kolestrol. 

Mengawal tekanan darah 
Kaya dengan sumber potasium, avokado juga dapat membantu mengawal tahap tekanan darah dalam badan anda. 

Menangani masalah penglihatan
Avokado merupakan sumber terbaik untuk lutein karotenoid, dimana kebaikannya diketahui untuk membantu melindungi daripada masalah katarak dan degenerasi macular yang berkaitan dengan usia.

Mengawal tahap gula
Lemak monotaktepu yang terkandung dalam avokado mampu mengembalikan ketahanan insulin yang membantu mengawal kandungan gula dalam badan. Ia juga mempunyai serat terlarut yang menyimpan tahap kandungan gula stabil. 

Mencegah kecacatan kelahiran
Avokado kaya dengan folat iaitu vitamin B yang dikenali sebagai asid folik. Satu cawan avokado memberi kira-kira 23% kandungan harian folat yang disyorkan. Jumlah folat yang tinggi dalam avokado adalah penting bagi mencegah kecacatan kelahiran seperti tiub neural dan spina bifida. 

Mengurangkan risiko serangan jantung
Kandungan folat yang tinggi dalam avokado turut mengurangkan risiko serangan jantung. Satu kajian pernah dilakukan menunjukkan individu yang mengamalkan diet kaya dengan folat mempunyai risiko rendah daripada terkena serangan jantung. 

Perlindungan kanser
Banyak kajian menunjukkan avokado boleh menghalang daripada pertumbuhan kanser prostat. Malah asid oleic yang terkandung dalam avokado turut berkesan dalam menghalang kanser payudara. 

Menangani radikal bebas
Avokado mengandungi glutathione iaitu antioksidan berkesan dalam menangani radikal bebas dalam badan kita. 

Menangani simptom penuaan
Kaya dengan antioksidan, avokado berupaya menangani simptom-simptom penuaan. Kandungan glutathione berupaya meningkatkan sistem imun, memperlahankan proses penuaan serta mengalakkan sistem saraf yang baik. 

Penjagaan kulit
Minyak avokado sering dimasukkan dalam kosmetik kerana keupayaannya dalam menyuburkan kulit dan menjadikan kulit anda berseri-seri. Ia juga boleh merawat psoriasis iaitu penyakit kulit yang mengakibatkan kulit anda menjadi kemerahan dan gatal. 

Penambahan berat badan
Ya, jika anda ingin menambah berat badan, makanlah buah avokado. Ia mengandungi 200 kalori untuk 100 gram. Namun kebiasaannya buah-buahan lain hanya mengandungi kira-kira 60 hingga 80 kalori untuk 100 gram. Oleh kerana ia tinggi kandungan kalori, avokado adalah diet terbaik untuk mereka yang ingin menambah berat badan.

NZ Foreign Affairs head offers to resign over mishandling of Malaysian diplomat cas

WELLINGTON: New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs head John Allen offered to resign over his ministry's mishandling in the case of a Malaysian diplomat who left the country after an alleged attempt to rape a woman.
   New Zealand Herald reported that its Foreign Minister, Murray McCully however declined the offer from Allen but said he was angry about his officials' mistakes, which led to public embarrassment for the minister and Prime Minister John Key.
   It was reported that the debacle had undermined his confidence in the ministry's ability to carry out its duties.
   The New Zealand Herald in its report said the extent of the miscommunication within the ministry became apparent as Allen revealed he knew nothing about the charges against Malaysian diplomat Muhammed Rizalman Ismail until Friday - seven weeks after police arrested him.  
   It said McCully did not know Ismail had left the country with diplomatic immunity until this date.
   Malaysian officials were also given mixed messages by ministry officials which led them to believe New Zealand agreed to his repatriation in Malaysia.
   In official talks between New Zealand and Malaysian representatives, the ministry clearly stated that it wanted Malaysia to waive immunity for Ismail so he could face the charges of burglary and assault with intent to rape in New Zealand.
   But mid-level officials also engaged in a series of unofficial discussions - emails and phone calls - which led to this stance becoming more "ambiguous" for Malaysian officials.
   As a result, Malaysia concluded that it was acceptable to New Zealand for the diplomat to return home instead of facing the charges in New Zealand, contrary to Key's public statements.
   "What is clear is that our Malaysian colleagues believed not agreeing to the waiver was a process the New Zealand Government agreed with," Allen said.
   "That was clearly not the case. The ministry dropped the ball."
   McCully apologised to Key and the 21-year-old woman who was allegedly assaulted by Ismail.

Rabu, 2 Julai 2014


Mohd Khairy Abdullah                                                
KENINGAU (Sabah, Malaysia): Disebabkan bingung dan keliru dengan perwartaan Geran Berkolompok (Geran Komunal) ke atas tanah milik mereka, seramai 76 pekebun di Kg. Mongis-Ongis Mangkalias Daerah Tenom, pada khamis lepas, mengadakan demontrasi aman di tengah perkebunan, sebagai bantahan keras  mereka terhadap Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur di situ, apa yang mereka sifatkan telah melakukan kecuaian serius yang menyebabkan tanah seluas kira-kira 1,140 ekar, yang mereka usahakan pelbagai tanaman seperti sawit, getah dan buah-buahan, sejak tahun 1986  kini hampir pasti bukan lagi milik mereka.
   Kunsiang Bin Angunsuk, yang merupakan salah seorang pemilik tanah di kawasan itu memberitahu, bahawa beliau tidak bersetuju dan membantah keputusan untuk menjadikan tanah yang menjadi sumber kehidupan mereka dimasukkan dalam pewartaan Geran berkolompok.
   Katanya, Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur Daerah Tenom telah melakukan kesilapan besar dengan tidak melakukan penyelidikan terlebih dahulu, sebelum memasukkan tanah-tanah petani di situ dalam peta Geran Berkolompok.
   “Mereka membuat keputusan di atas meja,” dedah Mantan Pagoh, 63.
   Mantan memberitahu bahawa tafsiran demontrasi aman yang mereka lakukan di tengah-tengah perkebunan, merupakan luahan kekesalan mereka terhadap sikap tidak telus Jabatan Tanah Dan Ukur Tenom, yang jelas telah melakukan penafian terhadap hak-hak pekebun di situ.
   Seorang petani yang lain, Ho Tin Ting, 68, berkata, fakta bantahan penduduk ialah, tanah seluas kira-kira 150 ekar di kawasan itu telah pun mereka dipohon sejak tahun 1986.
   “Sudah 28 tahun kami di sini,” jelas Ho.
   Ho berkata, mereka telah mengemukakan permohonan tanah untuk kawasan itu sejak 1986, tetapi Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur melambat-lambatkan pemoresesan mengakibatkan mereka kini dianggap  sebagaipencoroboh.
   “Kami bukan pencoroboh, tetapi anda telah mencipta krisis yang mengakibatkan rakyat menjadi mangsa,” katanya.
   Bertali arus surat telah dikemukakan kepada pihak Jabatan Tanah Tenom, yang meminta mereka memberi perhatian terhadap permohonan penduduk, tetapi tidak ada sebarang reaksi yang mereka berikan, hatta balasan penerimaan surat daripada penduduk juga tidak dibuat.
   Mereka juga telah menulis surat bantahan secara langsung kepada Pengarah Tanah Negeri Sabah, namun pengarah itu tidak memberikan sebarang jawapan.
   “Jadi, semua ini meletakkan kami dalam keadaan serba salah,” katanya dan menjelaskan bahawa mereka buka menentang kerajaan BN.
   Sebagai pengundi setia kepada kerajaan BN, petani-petani di kampong itu mendesak agar kawasan tanah yang telah mereka usahakan tidak dimasukkan dalam pewartaan Geran Komunal.
   Pejabat Daerah Tenom ketika dihubungi mengesahkan tanah di kawasan Kg. Mongis-Ongis Mangkalias terkandung dalam kawasan pewartaan Geran komunal, yang akan menempatkan penduduk yang berstatus miskin tegar di daerah Tenom